PCB Design

Mentor Graphics, a leading electronic design automation (EDA) tool vendor who supplies complete development tool sets for both analog and digital circuit/IC design.

This training session covered Analog circuit analysis and PCB design tools namely,

  • Hyperlynx - Analog circuit analysis tool for signal integrity and power network analysis
  • DxDesigner - Schematic capturing tool
  • Xpedition PCB - PCB(layout) design tool
  • Day 1 - Hyperlynx Signal Integrity Analysis

The primary goal of the training is familiarize the above tool set and to use them effectively to design and analyze analog circuits and the topics covered were as follows.

ü  LineSim tool interface for pre layout signal integrity simulation and analysis

ü  BoardSim tool interface for post layout signal integrity simulation and analysis

  • Day 2 - Hyperlynx Power Integrity Analysis

ü  DC drop and current density analysis

ü  Power plane noise analysis

  • Day 3 - DxDesigner tool for schematic capture

ü  Component model generation

ü  Schematic entry

ü  Schematic validation and signoff

  • Day 4 - Xpedition PCB tool for PCB layout

ü  Component library creation

ü  Placement and routing

ü  Layout validation and signoff