LaTeX Resources for UoM

Why Use LaTeX

LaTeX has great placement algorithms. Cross-referencing is easy and robust and there is natural support for equations. LaTeX is free. All major conferences and journals accept LaTeX generated articles. You can easily get a ps file or a pdf file. You work will look so good when created in LaTeX. You will see the beauty once you start using LaTeX.

News and Tips

  • Class file for UWO theses is available.
  • Use AMS Math package for better equations.
  • Subfigure package helps to put a several figures together.
  • If you document is a two column one and you want a large figure spanning both the columns use figure*

Quick Links

  • For tutorial links see LaTeX Help
  • For tips on equations, symbols etc. see FAQa
  • For graphs, diagrams and graphics in general see PS Tricks
  • For presentation slides see Slides

Getting Started with LaTeX for Windows Users

Windows users can use MikTex and WinEdt . MikTex is an up-to-date TeX implementation for Windows. WinEdt is a powerful ASCII editor and a shell with a strong predisposition towards the creation of LaTeX documents. Here are the installation steps.
  1. Install MikTex (version 2.8). It is a good idea to use the wizard and carryout a full installation.
  2. Install the latest version (5.6) of WinEdt
  3. Start using WinEdt

Getting Started with LaTeX for Unix Users

Please visit LaTeX with Unix page.