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  • Signing Ceremony of the Laboratory
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PREMIUM International - University of Moratuwa Research and Development Laboratory for Biomedical Technologies is the latest addition to the industry sponsored laboratories at the department premises. The Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering has identified Biomedical Engineering as a key focus area and collaborated with the medical professionals in the development of novel medical product prototypes over the last few years. A major obstacle the Department faced throughout has been the inability to commercialize the novel products developed despite their huge potential.  The lab focuses on medical product development for commercialization, addressing a long felt need of traversing the full path of product development and will be a place for creative medical professionals to take their innovative ideas from concepts to marketable products. Taking an idea to a useable product in the medical field is a long process that requires significant amount of testing in the actual environment and various types of approval.  The laboratory will strive to comply with standards related to medical devices in developing products that can win the confidence of medical community. Sri Lanka, at present, does not manufacture any electronic based product for the local consumer market.  The laboratory will provide a much needed boost to local Electronics Manufacturing Industry as it intends to go for full scale manufacturing of the developed prototypes with its industry partner Premium International.

The laboratory will also focus on applied research related to EEG, Tele-Medicine, Image guided therapy with the objective of developing futuristic products that will have a global appeal. In this process it will encourage all the research engineers to acquire postgraduate degrees based on the work done at the laboratory.  

PREMIUM International - University of Moratuwa Research and Development Laboratory for Biomedical Technologies employs a few motivated and talented research engineers and every year accommodates interns for research and development activities. The department is expecting to promote the development of an industry in medical product manufacturing in Sri Lanka through activities of this lab.


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