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FPGAs, FPGAs Everywhere

Department of Electronic and Telecommunication received new set of shipments of Xilinx FPGAs and accessories from Digilent Inc last Tuesday (18th of September 2012). New shipment includes 10 Atlys Spartan 6 FPGAs, 2 Gensys FPGAs, 2 NetFPGAs and a set of I/O peripherals compatible with P-mod and V-mod connectors of these FPGAs.

Main purpose of purchasing these set of FPGA development kits is to give a wide exposure to RTL design to undergraduates and to allow them to test and demonstrate their projects on the academic modules Digital System Design and Advanced Digital System Laboratory.

fpgas everywhere 

The shipment contents are as below and technical details can be obtained from following appropriate URLs or either visiting Resourses in RDS webpage.

spartan 6

Genesys virtex 5


lcd touch screen

stereo camera

Source: Digilent Inc