Computer Organization

EN2452 - Computer Organization

  1. Hardware Implementation of ALU (2 hrs): Adders, multipliers, design of arithmetic unit, logic unit & ALU
  2. Internal Organization of CPU (4 hrs): Internal organization of CPU consisting of ALU, internal registers, internal buses & control unit
  3. Microprocessor Based System (2 hrs): Assembly of processing, memory & I/O subsystems to make a system, memory mapped I/O, isolated I/O, interrupts and DMA
  4. Interface Standards (2 hrs): PCI Express, SATA, USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), RS-232 (serial port)
  5. Memory Subsystem (4 hrs): Memory requirement of a system, properties and implementation of memory, types of memory ICs, memory hierarchy, memory organization, address mapping
  6. Performance Improvement (6 hrs): Clock speed, register width, instruction set, reducing the execution path length, design with pre fetching, pipelined design, caching, branch prediction, out of order execution & register renaming, speculative execution
  7. Parallel Computer Architectures (4 hrs): On chip parallelism (instruction level parallelism, on chip multithreading, single chip multiprocessors), coprocessors (network processors, media processors, cryptoprocessors), shared memory multiprocessors, message passing multi computers, grid computing.
  8. Introduction to Assembly Language Programming (4 hrs): 8086 assembly language, interrupt handling, subroutine calls, segments in memory, command line arguments, string manipulation, introduction to multi-core programming