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This page provides an overview of the laboratories in the department.

Postgraduate laboratory is dedicated for graduate studies, while the others are shared by both undergraduate & graduate students.

Outside the regular lab sessions, the laboratories are allocated for final year project groups. This enhances the resource utilization, and of course the outcome of the projects.

All laboratories are equipped with PCs, having LAN & Internet connectivity. As a result, it has been possible to use computer simulations and online training materials to supplement the lab sessions.

The research laboratories, established as industry collaborations are listed under collaborations.

Analog Electronics Laboratory

This is where the undergraduates get to know the devices (from resistors to operational amplifiers); basic instruments (from multimeter to spectrum analyzers) and techniques (from circuit design & simulation to synthesis) in analog electronics.

This is one of the first laboratories the freshers to ENTC have sessions in. Hence, the laboratory plays a pivotal role in letting the students appreciate what 'electronic engineering' is.

List of equipment[197 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Eng. A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe
Technical Officer : Mr. S.A. Rajudeen

CAD Laboratory

CAD lab is equipped with servers and workstations needed for computer aided designs & simulations. The scope of work carried out ranges from: basic analog & digital curcuits to FPGA & micro-controller programming.

The laboratory, being used around the clock for graduate level R&D work has informally become a center of expertise on system design & fabrication.

Lecturer-in-Charge : Dr. A.A. Pasqual
Technical Officer : Mr. W.P.T. Fernando

Computer Laboratory

Computer laboratory provides the ENTC students with 24x7 access to computers; the Internet and the Department intranet. Moreover, Department's web, mail & file servers that provide mail accounts and web/file space to staff/students is housed here.

All routine, management tasks are smoothly carried out by a voluntary, team of student administrators. Hence, the laboratory is a good example for delegating responsibility to the students.

Lecturer-in-Charge : Dr. A.A. Pasqual
Technical Officer : Mr. A.G.W.T. Perera

Digital Electronics Laboratory

This lab provides the students with 'hands-on' experience in digital electronics.

Equipped from logic probes to advanced test instruments; microprocessor trainers; various sensors & transducers; etc. the laboratory makes a major contribution to project work. Many of the instruments have PC interfaces and support for prominent software tools.

List of equipment[193 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Eng. A.T.L.K. Samarasinghe
Technical Officer : Mr. S.A. Rajudeen

Electronics Laboratory (Sumanadasa Bulding)

Located outside the Department's building, this laboratory is equipped to serve the first year undergraduate students who are yet to make their field selection.

Technical Officer : Mr. J.P. Gunadasa

Electronics Workshop

With modern facilities and a staff of experienced engineers and technicians, the electronics workshop caters the students in building, soldering and testing electonic circuits for their project work.

In addition, industrial instrument repairing and designing are performed by the engineer under the engineering consultancy service.

List of equipment[92.3 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Eng. K.N. Abhayasinghe
Engineer : Eng. U.C. Botheju
Technical Officer : Mr. G.A.D.D. Seneviratna

Intelligent Machines Laboratory

This laboratory, dedicated for R&D in intelligent machines, caters both undergraduate and graduate level work. The laboratory has produced a boom in the students' enthusiasm for robotics.

Mission of this laboratory is: designing, testing, and building intelligent machines for industry, welfare, and humanitarian applications.

URL: www.ent.mrt.ac.lk/iml/IML.html

Lecturer-in-Charge : Dr. S.R. Munasinghe
Technical Officer : Mr. G.A.D.D. Seneviratna

Microwave Laboratory

The laboratory serves the students by providing 'hands-on' experience on microwave systems/ concepts: from generation to reception.

Calibration of industrial microwave instruments is yet another service rendered by the laboratory. It also provides resources for design and implementation of microwave communication systems for the Industry.

List of equipment[192 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Prof. (Mrs.) I.J. Dayawansa
Technical Officer : Mr. W.P.T. Fernando

Optoelectronics Laboratory

Optoelectronics laboratory is well-equipped (from LED to laser sources; from optical power meters to optical spectrum analyzers; etc.) to cater both undergraduate & postgraduate students. Its facilities are also used for IET and KDA practical classes.

Other contribution by the laboratory is: instrument testing, calibrating and consultancy services provided to the Industry.

List of equipment[192 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Dr. R.P. Thilakumara
Technical Officer : Mr. P. Watawala

Postgraduate Laboratory

Postgraduate laboratory caters for mainly the needs of graduate students. Each full-time research student is allocated a workspace (with 24x7 access) in it.

Being equipped with modern industrial devices and equipment including Logic Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Programmable LCR meter etc, the laboratory plays a major role in calibration & measurement; and consultancy services, the department provides to the industry.

List of equipment[203 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Dr. E.C. Kulasekere
Technical Officer : Mr. J.A.J. Perera

Telecommunication Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern-facilities to provide the students an insght to modern communication systems and test equipment.

It possess a range of trainer panels that allow students to inspect signal characteristics at various points in communication systems. The practical sessions are typically supplemented by MATLAB simulations.

List of equipment[199 KB]

Lecturer-in-Charge : Prof. (Mrs.) S.A.D. Dias
Technical Officer : Mrs. V.D. Danthasinghe

Inquiries regarding calibration & measurement; and consultancy services, the Department provides to the industry can be directed to:
info @ ent.mrt.ac.lk