Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Giving back

Stepping into the world as a graduate, how many of us look back at our university? Yes, we would cherish all the memories but do we spend a moment and think what can I do to my university?

We do that for our school, for our alma-mater. But why not for our university? It is the nature of the human beings to do something only if the return is high. Helping the school, the chances of getting your child selected to the school gets high. Even though that is the case, not every past pupil helps the school because of the benefits. The bond between the school and the child is indeed high. It is the school which nurtures you for 13 years and makes you who you are. Hence taking the school under your responsibility once you pass out is quite justifiable. Yet not doing the same for the university is indeed a question.

The reason behind you been established as stable citizen in the country would be due to the tertiary education you received from the university. Hence you should feel responsible towards the betterment of the university. Maybe you would not get any benefit back by helping the university, but once you do the self satisfaction you will gain will be priceless. 

Think for a moment, the education you got at the university was free. Not only the education, but all other facilities were for free. You would have used all the resources to the very end and gained everything you can out of them. But what did you give back?

Let us consider our department. We get the privilege to use the labs, its equipments, etc. but as we use them they get depreciated. Some years later the students might have to work with broken equipment. They will be blaming the department for not supplying them with equipment under working conditions. But how can the department supply everything? At most the department would ask for funds from the government. Yet again government’s money is the money of the public and it have enough expenditures. Hence would it not be more practical and ethical, to step in as a responsible graduate to help the next generation of undergraduates?    

Be responsible. It is our culture to help back for those who help us. And the university has helped you in a way no other institute, person had helped you. Maybe you helped once. But don’t stop there. Make it a habit. The university needs you.