Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Under Water Robot

Written by Madara Wimalarathna.

       Robots reach things we couldn’t do, bring nature secrets closer and make them observable. This news is about such an amazing robot design. Recently four students of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Moratuwa developed an underwater robot successfully as their final year project, under the supervision of Prof. Rohan Munasinghe and Mr. Charitan image of the underwater robotha Makavita.

This robot is capable of moving under the water according to manual commands. It has a floating unit to receive operator commands and send the same commands to the robot through a cable. Also the Robot can record HD video with a water-tight forehead camera with the help of the underwater flash light.

       The Robot is enclosed with a fiber hull which takes the shape of a fish. That design helps to reduce the fluid resistance. There are two motors on either side of the hull to propel and steer the robot. The same propellers are driven in reverse direction to perform reverse motion. There are two vertically mounted propellers to climb and dive in water. These two motors are used to control pitch. The robot is battery powered for about 40 minutes operating time.

        This can be considered as the valuable first step of a long journey and this Robot can be improved to use for professional underwater exploration in future.