Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


ENTC UAVs for Disaster Management

Written by Hiranya Kuruppu.

Over a span of many years, the department of ENTC has been working on projects in collaboration with various organizations. One such project was recently undertaken at the request of UNDP (United Nations Development Project) through the COSTI (Coordination Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation). The letter of agreement has already been signed between the University Of Moratuwa and the UNDP, to develop a UAV for disaster management, which should be small in size and conveniently movable. Furthermore the capability to send a 3D map of the affected ground area within a half an hour to a server, in order to alert the rescue teams immediately, is the prime requirement of the UAV.

Necessary assistance would be provided by the DMC (Disaster Management Center) and other government organizations to the project worth 20,000 USD, sponsored by UNDP. The project is to be commenced after the approval of the council on 7th October.