Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


ENTC develops an ATS for SLAF

Written by Madara Wimalarathna.

The department of Electronic and telecommunication Engineering of University of Moratuwa (ENTC) has been working with SLAF (Sri Lankan Air Force) for some time and recently ENTC was requested by SLAF for an ATS (Antenna Tracking System) for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).mini-uav-fixed-wing-civilian-100901-2965447 1

Main requirements of the ATS are the antenna should identify where the UAV is and turn towards it automatically. So there are two degrees of freedom, azimuth and elevation. It takes the GPS position and elevation of the UAV. Since it has the GPS position where the ATS is, it calculates the angle to turn in order to track the UAV.

ATS design and development team has visited the Katukurunda Air Force base and ready to start the development process within next couple of weeks.  Prof. Rohan Munasinghe head of the department of Electronic and telecommunication Engineering confidently says that this project will be completed successfully with a perfect output and it will strengthen the relationship between ENTC and SLAF.