Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


FPGA workshop by ParaQum Technologies - Semester 4

Written by Sahani Goonetilleke.

ParaQum Technologies, a start-up company driving their way to the world of High Speed Digital Design and FPGA, conducted a special workshop for the semester 4 ENTC '13 students. The focus area of the workshop was "Digital Design using FPGA" and it was conducted by Mr. Kalana De Silva and Mr. Geethan Karunarathne. The workshop was held on the 1st of November 2015 at ENTC 1, ENTC. An extensive coverage of the following were completed in a relatively short time duration:

  • Overview and architecture of FPGA
  • Simulation and Implementation flows
  • An introduction to Verilog coding
  • Digital systems design using Verilog HDL

Aspects of combinational and sequential logic and examples on both hardware and software applications were interactively discussed. This workshop was beneficial for the students as areas of subjects of future semesters such as DSD and IC design, were also covered.