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Annual biomedical field visit to Colombo North Teaching Hospital and Technomedics Pvt Ltd

Technomedics Pvt Ltd and Colombo North Teaching Hospital Ragama Offered a comprehensive field visit for the Biomedical Engineering Batch of 2015 as a part of module BM2900. 

Technomedics Pvt Ltd field visit was held on 19th December 2017 under the guidance of Dr. Anjula de Silva. The Technomedics staff conducted the field visit as a series of lectures which covered a number of medical devices such as ventilators, defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, anaesthetic machines, medical imaging devices, CPAP machines, Breathing Analysers, Sterilizers and many more. The undergraduates had a unique opportunity in getting to know the mechanisms of the devices, the different applications of the devices and handling the devices. Staff members from respective divisions conducted these presentations and the undergraduates could involve in fruitful dialogs with the staff members about the medical devices that were demonstrated. It was a great opportunity for the BME undergraduates to have a good insight on the workings of the medical devices, the loopholes of the device and how as engineering they can cater to those issues. Lt.Col. Terrance Subasinghe, General Manager of Innovations and Special Projects and the staff at Technomedics Pvt Ltd were instrumental in organizing this field visit.

Colombo North Teaching Hospital - Ragama field visit was held on the 22nd December 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Anjula De Silva. This was conducted for the third consecutive year exposing students to procedures and devices in the Paediatric ward, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Endoscopy Room, CT Scan Area and EEG Section.

Head of the Department of Paediatrics, Prof. Shaman Rajindrajith was instrumental in organising this educational visit followed by Dr. Meranthi Fernando, Dr. Tharindi Suriapperuma,Dr. Phirarthana Kamalanathan, Dr. Kanchana Uyangoda and Dr. Dananjaya Gunathilake who contributed in spending time with students sharing their expert knowledge.

Bio medical field visit 1


Bio medical field visit 2