Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Tronic Awrudu 2018

It was 5th of May. The day dawned bright and clear. ENTC students were ready to celebrate Awrudu with all the glitter, colour and essence which represented the Sri Lankan culture and heritage for the first time marking a landmark in the Department history. The event was graced and made more colourful with the presence of the Head of the Department(HOD), Dr. Nuwan Dayananda, the former HOD, Prof. Rohan Munasinghe, senior and junior academic staff of the department. Students were dressed up in their best traditional attire. Awrudu table filled with Sinhala and Tamil traditional food items was arranged in the department premises and soon after everyone has finished breakfast, all the sarongs and gowns marched towards the ‘Lagaan’ without further ado.

Awrudu games commenced with ‘Campus Eka Haraha Diweema’ where almost everyone enjoyed the participation of their fellow batchmates. The first game at the ‘Lagaan’ arena was the ‘Aliyata Asa Thabeema’, where blindfolded participants had to spot the elephant’s eye. Organizers took the game to a whole new level where some had to spot the eye of a moving elephant figure. The traditional ‘Kotta Pora’ and ‘Kanamuttiya Bindima’ were held next. Even the senior and junior lecturers could not resist the enthusiasm and participated in ‘Kanamuttiya Bindima’. ‘Sangitha Putu Tharangaya’ (musical chairs) was entertaining to both participants and those who watched. ‘Kamba Adeema’ or tug of war and catching eggs were held at the university ground. Undergraduates were eager in participating in events and the day was becoming one of the best days they had in the year so far.

Meanwhile, Lagaan was being prepared for the most awaited event of the day, selecting ‘Tronic Kumara and Kumariya’. Online voting was conducted for a week. And all the finalists were called upon the stage. At the end of a huge competitive session, Uththara from level 3 and Hasith from level 4 were crowned as ‘Tronic Kumariya and Kumara’ by Dr. Chamira Edussooriya.

The final event of the day was Padura where all the undergrads got together at ENTC1 to soothe their souls with songs. Thereby, one of the most entertaining days of the year marked its deadline giving us the pleasure of the Awrudu season once again.