Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering


Pallavi Sivakumaran '08

I chose the Department because I had enjoyed the brief exposure to electronics that I received both during the A Levels and as first year students at the University. The fact that the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering had a good reputation among students also contributed to my decision.

The best things about the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering:

The course content: The modules offered by the Department cover a fairly wide range of subjects, which enables students to branch out and specialize in a variety of fields after they graduate.

Examining rigour for final project: This is probably the most unusual thing for a past student to say... that it’s a good thing that the Department is so strict about project quality and marking! But the fact that every aspect of the final year project is questioned enables students to look at all the different angles and prepare for every contingency in other projects as well.

Transferable skills: At the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, it was much more than just academic learning that students gained. The Department fosters skills such as analytical abilities, creative thinking, and attention to detail, which are applicable to any industry.

Employability and options for higher studies: The engineering degree from UoM, and the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering specialization in particular, is highly sought after by employers in Sri Lanka (we were offered and able to secure positions even before we completed our degree) and is also well-recognized by overseas universities.

Whether you're planning on working in the telecommunications industry, in academia, or in any other industry (for example, in a managerial capacity) following your undergraduate degree, you will find that the skills that you gain from the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering will serve you really well.