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Course Details:
Number of Credits: Lectures - 2 Credits

Scheme of Assessment : End of Semester Examination - One paper of 2 hours duration

Continuous assessment by coursework,assignments
Component Percentage
Continuous Assessment (Assignments, Presentations) 60%
End of Semester Examination 40%

Lecture Time: 8:00-10:00 every Friday starting from 2nd February 2007.
Lecture Schedule (Refer Syllabus as well.)
Week #/Day Topics Covered Required Reading Lectures Notes/Lecture Slides
1 (2nd February 2007)Image Processing - Introduction and Fundamentals
Introduction to Mini Project (Demo & Presentation)
Gonzalez and Woods - Chap. 1-2
2 (9th February 2007) Image Processing - Fundamentals (2), Spatial Domain Processingi     
3 (16th February 2007)Holiday      
3 (Alternate day for 16th February)Image Transforms - Frequency Domain Processing      
4 (23rd February 2007)Image Restoration
Assignment 2
Assignment 1 due on this day
5 (2nd March 2007)No Class      
5 (Alternate day for 2nd March 2007)Image Segmentation  
Assignment 2
6 (9th March 2007) Image Morphology     
7 (16th March 2007) Computer Vision - Introduction, Human Visual System, Image Formation and Image Sensing
Assignment 2 due on this day
Assignment 3
8 (23th March 2007) Binary Image Processing for Vision Applications, Edges and Edge Finding     
9 (30th March 2007) Color, Photometric Stereo     
10 (6th April 2007) Holiday     
10 (Alternate class for 6th April 2007)     
11 (13th April 2007) Holiday     
11 (Alternate Class for 13th April 2007)     
12 (20th April 2007) Motion Field and Optical Flow, Video Image Processing
Assignment 3 is due on this day  
13 (27th April 2007) Shape from X    
14 (4th May 2007 2004) Kalman Filtering, Object Tracking   

Syllabus :
  1. Digital Image Fundamentals
    Elements of Digital Image Processing Systems, Elements of Visual Perception, Image Model, Imaging Geometry

  2. Image Transforms
    Fourier Transform, DFT, Properties of 2D Fourier Transform, FFT, Other separable Image Transforms, Hotelling Transform

  3. Image Enhancement & Image Restoration
    Background, Point Processing, Spatial Filtering, Frequency Domain enhancement, Degradation Model, Algebraic Approach to Restoration, Inverse Filtering, Weiner Filter, Interactive Restoration, Restoration in the spatial domain, geometric transformations

  4. Image Segmentation
    Detection of discontinuities, Edge Linking and Boundary Detection, Thresholding, Region Oriented Segmentation, Use of Motion for Segmentation

  5. Recognition and Interpretation
    Elements of Image Analysis, Decision Theoretic Models, Structural methods, Interpretation

  6. Introduction to Computer Vision, Image Filtering, Edge Detection
    Image Analysis and Geometry, Binary Image Processing, Regions, Histogram Modification, Linear Systems, Median Filter, Gaussian Smoothing, Gradient, Steps in Edge Detection

  7. Contours, Texture, Optics. Shading, Color and Depth Representation of Visual Features, Color Terminology, Perception, Processing and Constancy, Stereo Imaging , Stereo Matching, Shape from X, Range Imaging

  8. Dynamic Vision
    Change Detection, Segmentation using Motion, Motion Correspondence, Image Flow, Tracking

Assignment/Mini Project # Assignment Topic Assignment Date Assignment Due Date
1 Mini Project - Choose a suitable project from the application areas of Computer Vision and Image Processing. (This carries 55% of the CA marks) 2nd February 2007 4th May 2007
2 Image Transforms, Image Enhancement and Image Restoration  9th February 23rd February 2007
3 Binary Image Processing, Morphology, Edge Detection, Image Segmentation  23rd February March 2007 23rd March 2007
4 Kalman Filtering, Motion Fields, Object Tracking   23rd March 20th April

Recommended Readings All the core text books are available as low-priced books (Try University Bookshop). Arrangements will be made to place copies of these books in the library as well.

Core Texts:

Supplementary Texts:
Online Resources
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