The Sundial on a Novel Concept

"It is later than  you think.. May it not be true for this Sundial"

Sir Arthur C. Clarke,

Sri Lanka 1996


Team Members : Sudath R. Munasinghe and Nanditha Hettiarachchi

Affiliation : Astronomical Assocoation, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Presentation : none          final report

Acknowledgement : Prof. GTF De Silve, Prof. PA De Silva, Dr. R. Tittagala, and Mr. N. Wijetunge

How it works:

This novel Sundial works on the "dial swing" technique to correct time reading for well-known "equation of time" error.


To read the time, dial has to be slightly rotated by turning the screw (see photo) until the date scale (an extension of the dial) correctly alignes with the elongated indicator of the shadow casting edge.


Provided a readable shadow, this Sundual indicates time within 5minutes error..

Milling at CAD-CAM center, Casting at foundry shop, Turning at lathe shop => and final assembly

Inventors : Relieved! as project came to completion just before their final exam in BSc course in 1996

First inaugural opening by

Sir Arthur C Clarke, 1996

Inauguration by Prof. D. Wijesekara and Dr. R. Tittagala, after refurbishing in 2002