Computer-Controlled Stepper Motor Drive for an Astronomical Telescope


Team Members : Sudath R. Munasinghe, Nishantha Dilruk, Vajira R. Hewawasam, and Nalin Jayakody

Affiliation : Astronomy and Space Study Center, Sri Lank

Presentation : IEE Younger members' sessions, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka 1996    paper in PDF

Acknowledgement : Rev. Dr. M. Fernando, Prof. Mrs. Dayawansa


Dynamax 8'' Telescope of the ASSC Observatory, sitting on the 3rd floor, waiting for the star-gazer on the 2nd floor to key the celestial co-ordinates to automatically surf the night sky

The Right-Ascension dial















Main-scope and gear-box














Indoor test-drive with the new computer-control

BBC B+ PC and stepper-motor switching circuit

Outdoor performance evaluation with the telescope on the equatorial mount

Project appeared in the leading science newspaper in Sri Lanka